Porch Living Lifestyle.

Definition of what Porch Living Lifestyles are all about:

Some people look at a landscape & just see plants, textures & colors. At Miller Landscape Company we see a story ... your story. We see the dog toy that your chidren bought for their first pet, that bench that your parents or grandparents swung on while they held you & raised you a little bit when you were young or that swing that you swear could do a 360 degree flip if only you could get enough push from your brother or sister. Its moments & memories like this that we include in our designs and what make our gardens & landscapes special.  Most of these moments & memories took place on a porch, on a patio or somewhere in your yard or in a family members. Its that feeling, that emotional element that directs us in creating a porch living lifestyle for our clients. Sit back, relax, poor a glass of tea & lets talk about the good old days. 

So what is your story?